Hello and welcome to the HARRY KARAVIAS PHOTOGRAPHY Gallery. If you are visiting for the first time, welcome. Please sit back and enjoy viewing some of the Landscape Photographs as captured by Harry while on this journey to capture the beauty of this stunning planet we live on. Harry has won awards for a number of his Landscape Photographs. He is forever striving to capture that beautiful moment to share with everyone. When asked, which is his most favourite photogarph, his response is always, the next one.

Harry welcomes you to his website www.harrykaravias.com and browse through his collection of breathtaking Limited Edition Photos.

Name Change
On the 26 Nov 2014, Harry made a decision to change his business name to HARRY KARAVIAS PHOTOGRAPHY (formally Harry’s Moment Captured Photography). Please note that a number of photos in the gallery are still watermarked with Harry’s Moment Captured Photography or HMCP.

There are no Exhibitions at present.

Harry also organizes and runs Landscape Photography Workshops for novice photographers who want to learn about the art and/or take their knowledge of photography to the next level. For more details, visit the 'Photography WorkShop' tab.
The Masters Hand
"Standing at the shore line watching the sun rise, I can’t help but feel in awe of the moment, witnessing the Masters hand at work as He gently paints the canvas of a new day before my eyes”. Harry Karavias