A gentle breeze blows; I feel the sand between my toes. A wave hits the shore with a slap, runs up the sand only to return back to where it came from. The horizon beams a red/orange glow. The smell of salt is in the air. A fisherman casts his line, hoping to real in a catch. A jogger jogs along the shore, a lady practices her Yoga on the sand. The big ball of flame pierces the horizon. A new day dawns. My name is Harry, and I’m a Landscape Photographer.

My love for Landscape Photography began back in 2004 when on a camping trip with my family. We travelled south to a place called Wollondilly just past Mittagong in NSW. To get there, we drove along some of the most beautiful picturesque country side boasting rolling green hills, flowers of plenty, and long dirt red roads. It was here that the passion for photography was stirred within me.
For around 5 years thereafter I studied the art of Landscape Photography alongside well-known photographers like Ken Duncan and Mark Gray. I would spend hours researching, reading, and days practicing out in the field. For the most, I am self-taught.

In 2009, I started ‘Harry's Moment Captured Photography’ with a website to display all my Landscape photos for all to see. Shortly thereafter, I started my own Landscape Photography WorkShops teaching others the art of Photography, sharing with them my knowledge.

On the 26 Nov 2014, I made a decision to change my business name to HARRY KARAVIAS PHOTOGRAPHY.

Landscape Photography has taken me to some amazing places. It has opened my eyes to look at things differently, it has taught me patience, but more importantly, it has taught me to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. From the rich red colours of Uluru Central Australia, to the rugged coast line of the Great Ocean Road Victoria. From the snow-capped mountains of New Zealand to the lushes rain forests of Tasmania we do live on an amazing planet.

Harry is married to Kathy Karavias and has two beautiful young adults, son Spiro and daughter Rita. He is a devote Christian. “Capturing the Beauty of God’s Creation”, he often refers to his photography.

Harry has entered some of his photos into competitions and has won a number awards as a result. "It is very rewarding and humbling, and to say the least, exciting, when a judge thinks your photos are worthy of an award", says Harry.


- International Loupe Awards, 2013, BRONZE - Old & Raggedy, Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand
- International Loupe Awards, 2013, BRONZE - Last Light, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
- International Loupe Awards, 2013, BRONZE - Three Sisters, Katoomba, NSW
- International Loupe Awards, 2014, BRONZE - Friendly Beaches, Tasmania
- International Loupe Awards, 2014, BRONZE - Horseshoe Falls, Tasmania
Hi. My name is Harry. I believe life is made up of many Moments. Some last just a blink of an eye, others slightly longer. But in all cases, Moments come but once only. If you capture those Moments they can last a life time.