“I believe life is made up of many Moments. Some last just a blink of an eye, others slightly longer. But in all cases, Moments come but once only. If you capture those Moments they can last a life time”.

Hi, my name is Harry. I’m a Landscape Photographer living in Glenmore Park, outer Western Sydney. I’m married with two, now, young adults and a devout Christian. I’ve been photographing Landscapes on a professional level since 2009.

My love for photography began back in 2004 while on a camping trip with my family. We drove along some of the most picturesque country side boasting rolling green hills and flowers of plenty. Along the way, I stopped and took a photo with my then point-&-shoot camera. What was produced by this camera blew me away! A passion for photography was stirred in me that day.

For years thereafter, I attended Workshops with well known and respected photographers like Ken Duncan and Mark Gray. I researched endlessly to learn as much as I can about the art of photography, getting to understand what makes a great photo. I’m still learning. You never stop learning.

Photography has taken me to some amazing places. It has opened my eyes to look at things differently, it has taught me patience and it has taught me to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Capturing the beauty of Gods creation.

I’ve entered a number of competitions and have received awards for my photos. It’s very rewarding when that happens. I print and sell all my photos as Limited-Edition Prints and I also organise and run Beginner Photography Workshops on location in the beautiful Blue Mountains. What’s unique about my Workshops is that they are designed for complete beginners, novice photographers, and explained in simple to understand language, because I know how dauntingly it was when I first started learning the art.

“The heavens proclaim the glory of God, the skies display the work of His hands” - Psalm 19:1

Photography Awards

- 14th International Colour Awards, Nominee for two Norway Photos - 'Little Fishing Village, Hamnoy', 'Reine Lofoten Isl.'
- International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention for three Norway Photos - 'Little Fishing Village, Hamnoy', 'Reine Lofoten Isl.', 'Dancing Lights, Lofoten Isl.'

- International Loupe Awards, 2016, SILVER - Snow Gum, Victorian High Country
- International Loupe Awards, 2016, BRONZE - Long Tail Boats, Kamala Sun Set, Thailand

- International Loupe Awards, 2014, BRONZE - Friendly Beaches, Tasmania
- International Loupe Awards, 2014, BRONZE - Horseshoe Falls, Tasmania

- International Loupe Awards, 2013, BRONZE - Old & Raggedy, Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand
- International Loupe Awards, 2013, BRONZE - Last Light, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
- International Loupe Awards, 2013, BRONZE - Three Sisters, Katoomba, NSW